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Top Mortgage Keywords for SEO & Ads

Top Mortgage Keywords for SEO & Ads
  • When it comes to being successful with generating leads online, you need to know what people are actually searching on Google and other search engines for first.
  • Doing proper keyword research can help anyone get significantly more traffic and ultimately more sales.

There's plenty of keywords for mortgage SEO & PPC campaigns out there. Many mortgage brokers that try to do their online marketing themselves only run Adwords and optimize their site's for the most common keywords out there. (And unfortunately, many agencies do too...shame on them.)

If you really want to up your game, you need to find more keywords than the average joe. Find things that potential consumers are searching for that are even lower in the sales funnel.

Who do you think is more likely to be ready to apply now -- someone searching for "mortgage broker" or someone searching for "home loans"? I'd say the latter. There's so many golden nugget keywords that no one thinks of optimizing for or running ads to. That's where the real money is!

Location Based Mortgage Keywords

Some of the most common keywords in mortgage industry revolve around general mortgage terms + adding a city locale or state. These are what we'd call "money keywords" in SEO. That being said, they're going to be the most difficult to rank for with SEO and also be the most expensive more likely than not when bidding on them on PPC platforms like Google Adwords.

Here's a list of some common location based mortgage keywords:

  • City + Mortgage
  • City + Mortgage Brokers
  • City + Mortgage Company
  • City + Mortgage Lender
  • City + Mortgage Home loans
  • City + Refinance

You can also use these same keywords in any order and add stop words such as "Mortgage Brokers in City".

Remember, if you target different loan types keywords for SEO, you want to make sure to create a page about each loan types. So if you're targeting home loans, you want to create an entire service page that's about home loans.

Over 100+ Keywords for Mortgage Campaigns We Use

Below is just a portion of the giant list of keywords that we use in our SEO & PPC campaigns that generate insane amounts of leads:

Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker in [City]

[City] Home Loans

VA Loans in [City]

[City] Best Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker [City]

Mortgage Broker near me

[City] Mortgage Brokers

FHA Loan near me

Best Home Loans in [City]

[City] Mortgage Broker

Home Loan [City]

Mortgage Brokers in [City]

Best VA Loan in [City]

Best Mortgage Broker near me

Now that's a lot of keywords! Group these into the proper ad groups and you'll be off to the races in no time.

Or you can learn more here about our lead programs where we do all of the research, SEO, and advertising for you!

Remember, don't burn your budget on the same old boring keywords that everyone else is going after.

Be different and make more money!

Brian Frantz at Mortgage Broker Marketing

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Our team is passionate about helping Mortgage Brokers to have more effectively marketing online via SEO, PPC, Web Design, Social Media Marketing, eMail Marketing, and other Online Marketing channels.

We look forward to helping you take your Mortgage business to the next level!

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